Dr. David Parrott on Finding Ideal Work-Life Balance

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But what, exactly, does the ideal work-life balance look like and how do people achieve it? Experienced educational administrator Dr. David W. Parrot recently shared his insights on this extremely tricky and often touchy endeavor.

Few things can tip the balance quite like having children. However, the unique nature of a career in higher education has allowed Dr. Parrott to incorporate his children into his work life in fun and exciting ways, creating what he calls a “life-career blend.”

Dr. Parrott and his wife, Dr. Kelli Peck Parrott, talked a lot about work-life balance before they had children, but when they had kids, they found the ideal balance they had discussed hypothetically was quite difficult to achieve in reality. “So we went for blend,” he says. “We went for life-career blend. And my children (I have two sons) still talk about it.”

It’s taking my children to events. It’s letting them see what I do. They spend time in my office. They know my colleagues and the roles each of us play at the university. They each have an understanding of universities and a vocabulary the demonstrates that understanding. They are able to navigate a university in ways that I could not imagine when I was their age. The exposure to the university has provided great benefit to them. The second part of the equation is making sure that I have the flexibility of my schedule to go to where they are: to go to their schools and spend time and to go to their events.”

Although these moves were indeed quite trying for his family, Dr. Parrott also describes them as “wonderful” and “extremely beneficial.” Many of the personal life benefits that he has reaped from his chosen career path have arisen from the decision that he and his wife have made to travel that path together, thereby blending both their private lives and public lives into a single shared experience.

Just as Dr. David Parrott and his wife have blended their shared life as a couple into the workplace from UF to UofL, they’ve have also brought their work into their home space to benefit the entire family unit. “We’re renovating our basement, and I’m putting a high-end teleconference system in my office because we do so much from home (consulting, Teams and Zoom meetings after hours and all that kind of stuff),” he says. “So, we’re just going to put that in and make that part of what we do. It’s blending!”

Over a career in higher education leadership that spans nearly four decades, Dr. David W. Parrott, has demonstrated outstanding proficiency in a full spectrum of legal and compliance issues related to student affairs. His specific areas of expertise range from free speech and inclusion, threat assessment and crisis management to matters involving DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion).

In particular, Dr. Parrott has emerged as one of the nation’s premier authorities on subjects related to free speech and inclusion, risk management and federal Title IX regulations. Since 2019, he has served as Title IX and ADA coordinator with the University of Louisville (UofL). This position places him in charge of all UofL Title IX compliance undertakings with a dual focus on the letter and spirit of this important legislation.

The Early Days of Dr. David Parrott

Armed with this degree and the insight provided by his dissertation on racial identity development, he served several years as assistant dean of students, assistant to the vice president for student affairs, and director of residence life at Western Kentucky University. When a job offer in Michigan took him away from his beloved home state, it was a tremendous step for Dr. Parrott.

“Well, no one in my family had ever moved out of the state of Kentucky,” he remembers. “So me moving out of the state of Kentucky was just a mind-blower for me. I mean just, ‘wow.’ Moving to Michigan was a major milestone. What a great experience and what wonderful people we met.”

Dr. David Parrott places a lot of value on the most personally touching and existence-changing private experiences that life has to offer. “Getting married was a major milestone,” he recalls. “Having our children was a major milestone.”

But he also found it impossible to overestimate the tremendous role that professional advancement has played in his life. “Moving to each institution and getting promoted within those institutions was a major milestone, and certainly earning the degrees that I’ve received.”

Parrott adds, “Each one of those was a significant milestone in my career. And they serve as building blocks to help open up the top end of career paths as you get those degrees and get those experiences and change institutions and so forth.”

Originally published at https://newswire.net on June 1, 2022.



Dr. David Parrott is ADA and Title IX Coordinator at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Previously, Dr. Parrott served at UF and Texas A&M.

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David Parrott (ex-UF)

David Parrott (ex-UF)


Dr. David Parrott is ADA and Title IX Coordinator at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Previously, Dr. Parrott served at UF and Texas A&M.